‘ROOTS’ (proyecto Raíces) : Isabel Villanueva & Moisés P. Sánchez

Jazz has always searched other music for sources of inspiration for
broaden their horizons and find new paths and sonorities. It’s not from
wonder that in his repertoire you can guess influences of the great
classical music composers, among others, to braid sonorities,
formal structures and compositional tools to benefit from them and
start new paths of search, which is ultimately one of the goals
majors of this genre.
From the other side, music commonly known as “Classical” have an
enormous journey into the social and cultural history of humanity, from the
popular music from yesterday to the present day, and that has enriched
irretrievably the curiosity and need of composers to capture
stylistic elements and traits at the root in his works.
It is in these terms that the violist Isabel Villanueva and the pianist and
composer Moisés P. Sánchez team up to work on various works of the
Spanish repertoire of composers such as Manuel de Falla, Pablo de Sarasate
or Federico García Lorca’s famous songs, for example.
To do so, Isabel Villanueva and Moisés P. Sánchez are taken to their turf with the
utmost respect but with the daring necessary to give it a turn of
nut, all this repertoire in which “Roots” is inspired as a tribute to the
music of origin, at the root, but as a vehicle to cross borders and
twinning stylistic genres.
They are accompanied on this journey by the great doublebass player Pablo M. Caminero,
known for his work precisely on this path of uniting flamenco, jazz and classical,
and the magnificent percussionist Manu Masaedo, one of the new values
of the flamenco.


Musicians :

Isabel Villanueva, viola
Moisés P. Sánchez, piano
Pablo M. Caminero, doublebass
Manu Masaedo, percussion